Every salesman’s goal is to sell more, but what if the secret to closing a deal is opening a relationship? During this course, you will learn from a synergogy specialist with 10 years of experience in sales how to better communicate with your potential clients by decoding their gestures and act accordingly, maximizing the sale potential. 

Human Resources

Every business needs the right employees and collaborators to thrive – and the mission to recruit those specific people falls on human resources professionals. Through this module, our goal is to ease the process of hiring adequate people for you, solve internal conflicts and contribute to the creation of positive workplace culture.


A good manager isn’t necessarily the one that does great things within a company. A good manager empowers others to do great things themselves. But how can one focus on the growth of the business and the deeper needs of their employees simultaneously? By learning to listen, empathize and come up with efficient solutions. Learning how to apply the principles of non-verbal communication from a management position will help you boost the performance of your employees while maintaining a positive workplace culture and direct everyone towards the common goal.

The Judical Course

If you work within the judicial system, mastering non-verbal communication skills is not a bonus, it’s a must. However, many legal professionals hold false assumptions related to nonverbal communication and deception – even if non-verbal cues are being taken more and more into account in courtrooms. The objective of this particular module is to offer police officers, lawyers, judges, prosecutors (and not only) the tools to facilitate their search for the truth in severe cases.


Are you preparing for an important event for your professional development? Perhaps you’re preparing for an important interview for your dream job, or you’re having your first public speaking moment. Our consultation sessions can help you deliver the right message and tackle any challenges that might interfere.